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This exciting on-line training, beginning in early 2013, will give you skill-sets and certification to be able to share Radiant Child Yoga with adults who work with children in schools, therapeutic practices, and community-based programs.  Learn More.

What’s Happening

  1. RCY Admin

    New RCY Website Launching Soon

    Radiant Child Yoga friends–our website is going to be renovated very soon, with a launch date of Oct. 25.

    If you are a Radiant Child Yoga teacher with a certificate to prove it, contact us to redo your profile on the teacher locator. This is ONLY for those who have taken Radiant Child Yoga 1-2, 1-3, and the certification trainings, both 95 and 200. email us from the site, www.childrensyoga.com.


    Shakta Khalsa
    Radiant Child Yoga